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  1. I have received enough my money from my bank account, thank you so much team

  2. can you send to nigerian bank?

    1. Sold out now. but you can used Bug Wu transfer service check your email pls

  3. Hi m’y friand i wanna make business Whit you from Canada want canadien login bank account

    1. Hi. check your email pls

  4. the you transfer to any belgium bank?

    1. Hi.. just US and Uk now
      contact us via icq 99975555 or email !


    1. Amount $3,000 transfer price $300
      contact us via icq 99975555
      check your email pls !

  6. Hi. do you transfer in lloyds bank uk and halifax bank uk and whats the maximum limit for personal account. i want to do business with you.

    1. Hi, contact our icq 99975555

  7. bro, wich transfer suitable to mashriq bank uae

    1. Not support UAE Bank transfer
      contact our icq : 99975555

  8. Hi, send my deep thanks to support team, help me a lot to get my $3,000 yesterday! See you guys next week!!

  9. can you do swift transfer to ghana?

    1. Hi, we just can do wu transfer to ghana
      contact our icq 99975555

  10. Good day Admin, please check your ICQ and kindly accept my request. I want to buy Chase Login. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Hi I email newcvvdumps can someone contact me in US about process and payment pls thank you.

    1. Hi, contact our icq 99975555

  12. Can you do transfer to Meta debit card?? on my info

    1. We not support that
      contact our icq : 99975555 , We will help you get good way to make money

  13. Can you transfer it in paypal or any indian bank

    1. We can do paypal transfer as well
      contact our icq 99975555

  14. I need bank transfer in my account CITI bank could you please let me know the process and how much time it will take to complete it.

    1. Contact our icq 99975555

  15. Hi

    Would like to know how things work. I pay for example $300 and you will transfer $3000 into my account?

    1. Yes , all right
      we contact bitcoin payment , contact our icq 99975555

  16. Dear Team, after 30 mins my brother got his money in bank account Wells Fargo and already did withdraw cash lastweek amount $3,000 in bank without trouble. Thank you so much for your legit service helping me overcome difficulties in US

    1. God bless you !

  17. Do you have chase or Boa bank log with 10k plus balance?

    1. Yes, we have it
      contact our icq 99975555

  18. Do you have Hang SENG BANK Hong Kong account login of any amount, wanna do business with you?

    1. Dont have it
      contact our icq support : 99975555

  19. Really need the boa bnk trnsfr today please

    You were highly recommend

    1. Contact our icq 99975555

  20. I urgently need wu transfer, bank login and paypal respective.

    Please what are the info you will need and what are your prices. I need update in my email and i have inbox you on icq already… Check and get back to me..

    1. Contact our icq 99975555 !

  21. Hello, please I would like you to make an online transfer, i have a bank accouts for receiving huge funds.

    1. contact our icq 99975555

  22. I need a wells fargo bank login … please email soon

    1. Check email plz

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