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Hack Paypal Account, Paypal Transfer

About Paypal Transfer Services :

  • Through a long time to learn and exploit BUGS of the Paypal.com, DDOS attack shop have Paypal account.
  • We can search multiple Paypal account daily.
  • We use them to transfer money between accounts together. Similar to the way transfers between banks.
  • We use Paypal accounts hack to transfer money to one clean Paypal account. Then again the money will be transferred to the account of the buyer. About this will be minimized locking your Paypal account. So we ensure safety for customers is 100% with our service.


* Note :

  • We also register itself verified Paypal account, then use the Paypal account Hack to transfer money into account Paypal Verified.
  • It is a New Account and have been confirmed, but it will take longer than Paypal Transfer, as 30 minutes.

For transfer Paypal balance service with costs :

The frequently asked questions :

  • How long can I get the money in the account after payment?
  • Maximum of 10 minutes you can get the money in the account after you pay with us.
  • My Paypal account is safe after getting the money?
  • Yes, we guarantee this 100% with your account, our service is to transfer money through two layers, so this will not affect your account.
  • Minimum amount and the maximum I could get to my account?
  • We smallest transfer $ 3,000 and maximum is $ 25,000 for each transfer.
  • How many time i can do this for my account in a week?
  • We can only transfer 2 time to per account within 1 week. If you want to work more than you use multiple accounts at one time.

How to buy and about deal ?

  • You make payment then send me payment info and your paypal email
  • If we check you have sent money we will make transfer for you immediately
  • After transfers completed, about 30 minutes you will get money in your account paypal

Contact Us

ICQ:  99975555

WhatsApp:  +84905447865

Email:  [email protected]

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